Achieving multitenancy using Liferay's Virtual Instances

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2021-07-16

Imagine you create an app that you will sell to many different companies. It can be for example some application for managing company's finances or an app that will simplify holidays requests flow in a company. What is important is that you will sell that to different entities (companies, universities or whatever) and one client should not know anything about other clients that use your application. Your clients should not share users, data, pages or anything. You even probably want to have different URLs for different clients... Read more »

GraphQL as an alternative to REST API

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2021-03-29

Hello! Few days ago I had an opportunity to do a presentation on MeetJS meetup which is basically a series of meetings of JS/frontend community in Poland. The topic of the presentation could be translated to "GraphQL as an alternative to REST API". This was the first time I did presentation on public conference/meetup so that was an unique experience for me and I'm really glad I had this opportunity. Because of this event I also thought it will be nice opportunity to write a blog article on… Read more »

Step by step guide for creating clustered Liferay environment

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2021-01-26

Hello! In this article I would like to show you how to create clustered Liferay environment. In my example environment I will use docker but the steps are similiar if you're installing two (or more) instances on one or many servers. I will try to show you step by step how you can build the environment yourself so you can understand the process better. Of course if you want to you can go to the final version of code right away - it's on my git. I encourage you to go through the steps and learn… Read more »

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