Using Navigation Entry for custom functionality in Liferay core views

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2023-10-30

In some projects there is a need to override some functionalities provided by Liferay out of the box. There are multiple ways of achieving what we need and they are described in Liferay documentation. This extensibility is, in my humble opinion, one of the biggest assets of Liferay platform. Today I would like to share how can you avoid using OSGi fragments for JSP overrides in some cases by using custom Navigation Entries which can save you a lot of work during Liferay version updates. Read more »

Is Liferay Commerce production ready? Personal Experience

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2022-10-03

Some time ago Liferay Commerce has been introduced. First it has been shipped as a separate product. Then it got included in Liferay and no separate installation was required. For new versions of Liferay you do not even have to turn it on as it is turned on by default (you can still turn it off if you want). If you use Liferay then you have probably already came across this new functionality but have you ever wondered - is this really useful and production ready? I will try to answer this question in this post based on my personal experience. Read more »

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