Ask me anything

About software, of course. I'm happy to help with any kind of websites - small, medium and large but I mostly specialize with medium to large size types.

I'm also happy to schedule a call to talk about your needs.

Prefer direct contact?

What can we talk about?

  • CMS, Commerce, DMS solutions
  • Developing or updating your current website or your infrastructure
  • Moving your website or whole infrastructure to the cloud
  • Any Liferay related topic. Trust me over the years I've done (almost) everything

Who do I usually work with?

I specialize with medium, big and large (enterprise size) websites. This means I always work in B2B - I can create your website, your shop, I can help you with updating your website. I can migrate your Liferay portal to the newest version. I can also help with topics like auditing your current installation, finding performance issues or performing trainings for your team.

Who will answer your question?

I will! On more complex projects I work with a team or I can join your team as a contractor. This blog is my personal one though so I will always be responding to the questions on my own.

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