Why should you use CMS such as Liferay for your web application

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2021-03-12

In this short article I would like to answer the question that some of you might have "Why should I use CMS for my website". As an example of such CMS I will use Liferay which is primary system I use. What is CMS anyway? Lets first define what CMS system is. CMS is just an abbreviation for "Content Management System" which is a software that simplifies the process of creating and modifying digital content. The main two areas for which CMS systems are used are: Web content management - creating… Read more »

Continuous integration and quality inspection for Liferay 7

By Rafał Pydyniak | 2020-06-26

Hello! Today I would like to show you how to use Jenkins for continuous integration (CI) and continuous code quality inspection using SonarQube. I decided to write this post because some time ago I had to make such process for project I work on and I couldn't find any help regarding Liferay and I had some problems with that, especially with setting SonarQube properly for Liferay workspace Prerequisites First we need few things: Liferay Project - for this case I created a simple project which you… Read more »

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