I create and maintain existing software professionally in Java especially in Liferay but also in other frameworks around Java and JVM. Services I can offer are (among many):

  • Creating new application or part of the application (module, microservice etc)
  • Extending existing application
  • Resolving different kind of issues in your software – server side issues, application issues (either your custom modules or your framework core especially Liferay)
  • Migrating your Liferay application to higher version – I even wrote two articles about issues you might encounter: Why migrating Liferay projects to a newer version is not easy
  • Conducting trainings for your employess in Liferay
  • Verification of your whole application architecture
  • Verification of the quality of application that was delivered to you by the 3rd party company

If you need any help – just let me know! For bigger projects I also have verified people I work or worked with so I’m also available for these.

In case of any questions just contact me

Copyright: Rafał Pydyniak