About me

Hello! My name is Rafał Pydyniak and I’m software developer working mostly in Java and mostly with Liferay framework although I also have some experience with other languages and frameworks. Most of the time I work as a backend developer but I'm also getting better and better with frontend technologies especially in React

Besides typical software development stuff I’m also professionally interested in things like:

  • software architecture
  • CI/CD processes
  • automatization
  • security

And you can expect posts regarding these topics as well.

For the details of my experience you can always check my Linkedin profile which I try to keep updated.

Besides IT world I was always interested in real world and in getting to know it better through travelling which is one of my passions. When I can’t travel I read about interesting places, I watch vlogs of travelers or watch documents about geopolitical situation of different places. I’m also interested in new technology and topic connected with economy and business

If you would like to contact me regarding any topic then check contact page

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